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A little party never hurt nobody.. Except Medusa!

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Classic Versace pumps in a not-so-classical scenario: a broken heel block, worn soles and heel tips.

Elizabeth from Merrylands found us via Instagram.

She sent us some photos of her beloved heels in hope that we had a solution for them.

Now there could have been 2 solutions.

1. A heel block replacement, or

2. A heel shaft replacement and reinforcement of the broken heel block.

Luckily, with a spare part in stock, we went with option 1.

We opened the insole, detached the existing shaft and heel block, replaced it with an authentic, brand new part.

Added on sole guards for extra comfort and grip.

New heel tips for equal balance.

"Thank you so much again for everything you did. My shoes look amazing"

#versace #versace on my head like I'm #illuminati


The Reco Lab

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